U-BRITE Primer

What is U-BRITE

i2b2 How-To Query

Acessing Clinical Data for Research with i2b2 can help investigators:

  • Determine study feasibility (sample cohort size)
  • Identify potential participants for recruitment
  • Perform simple data analyses of de-identified patient data
  • Explore hypotheses for clinical studies/trials

See https://www.uab.edu/ccts/research-commons/informatics/trainings/i2b2-training for more information.

DataLENS How-To

To use DataLENS you must be granted access to the application. Below are instructions on how to request

  1. To request access to DataLENS, please send an email to i2b2support@uabmc.edu with the following information:
    • Email Subject: Request access to DataLENS
    • Email Body
      • Your BlazerID (UABMC users with HS email accounts, please use your UABMC.EDU email account instead of your BlazerID)
      • Application requested:  UBrite DataLENS
      • Reason for access:  Include a brief description why you need access to DataLENS.
  2. Once access has been granted, you will receive an invitation email that should look like the image below. You will click the “Get Started” button to get to the login page. Full login instructions below.

Click the button below for detailed instructions. 

Additional U-BRITE Resources

For additional U-BRITE resources visit the U-BRITE Learning Resources page.