DataLENS How-To

To use DataLENS you must be granted access to the application. Below are instructions on how to request

  1. To request access to DataLENS, please send an email to with the following information:
    • Email Subject: Request access to DataLENS
    • Email Body
      • Your BlazerID (UABMC users with HS email accounts, please use your UABMC.EDU email account instead of your BlazerID)
      • Application requested:  UBrite DataLENS
      • Reason for access:  Include a brief description why you need access to DataLENS.
  2. Once access has been granted, you will receive an invitation email that should look like the image below. You will click the “Get Started” button to get to the login page. Full login instructions below.

Login to DataLENS

There are two ways to access DataLENS once you have been granted access. 

  1. Through this link
    • See note below about this option.
  2. As an interactive app through your Cheaha account.
Option 1

After you accept the invitation, access the login page here:

Enter your BlazerID and click on “Next.” This will take you through the BlazerID authentication login process. 

Once authentication is successful, you will be redirected to the home page of DataLENS which displays your current set of Projects, if you have any.

Since there are numerous ways to access DataLENS, there is a chance you will get a connection timed out screen. What this means is the network you are accessing DataLENS from may not be authorized to access DataLENS. An example of this is using Campus WI-FI or Campus VPN (from home on your laptop). Not all pathways have been authorized at this time.

Option 2

There is another option to get to DataLENS – a Cheaha account.

If you do not have a Cheaha account, follow the instructions found here

Once you have a Cheaha account, type in a browser. You should see something similar to the following:

Click on “Interactive Apps” in the top menu (highlighted in red in the photo above). A drop down menu containing apps that can be used should appear. Click on HPC Desktop (see image to the right for example). Once you have selected this application, the HPC Desktop app will launch (image below). 

You can leave everything as-is, the defaults will suffice. 

NOTE: you cannot set the number of hours higher than 2 hours, but you can decrease the time.

Clicking on Launch will queue the desktop request in one or more compute nodes. It should take no more than a couple of minutes, once your desktop is ready, you should see a screen like the image below. Click on “Launch Desktop in new tab” button and the HPC Desktop session will open in a new browser tab.

This is a virtual Linux session (image to the right). All you need to do from here, is open a Firefox browser. 

Click on Applications, then hover over Internet and select Firefox. Firefox will open up and in the URL, enter Just follow the prompt to authenticate with Microsoft Azure AD.





Once you have been authenticated, you should see the home page of DataLENS. The list of projects on your home page will not be representative of the list in the screenshot. It’s for demonstrative purposes only.